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At AARP, we understand that life happens and a career break can happen at any stage, for any reason. Maybe you've spent the last few years caring for a parent, or shuttling kids back and forth. Maybe you're tired of retirement.

If you're ready to get back to work, we have good news.

AARP has partnered with industry leader iRelaunch to help people reenter the workforce after an extended break through paid employer return to work programs that provide support during the career reentry transition. iRelaunch has helped professionals relaunch careers across industry sectors. Now you can relaunch your career with resources, tools, coaching and advice.

A "returnship" is a whole new way to relaunch your career

Remember internships? Now there's a way to get back on the job with a “returnship” after being out of the workforce for an extended amount of time. AARP and iRelaunch are partnering with leading organizations looking for your experience and drive. And, that's a real advantage for you. Why not think about becoming a paid mid-career intern at a company that values your experience? A “returnship” could have you back in the workforce in just 10-12 weeks.

We're here to help you succeed

And employers are, too. With a tight labor market, many organizations are looking to bring diverse, qualified talent into the workforce in new ways. A “returnship” helps them get to know you, and offer you a way to revive old skills, build new ones and grow your network — increasing your chances of getting hired.

Explore opportunities with these outstanding companies

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As a fierce advocate of experienced workers, our goal is to position you for success in the workplace. We have chosen companies from our 1,000+ Employer Pledge Signers with a proven track record for diversity and inclusion to lead this program. Each is excited to partner with AARP and iRelaunch to help the determined mid-career professional return to the workforce.

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Are return to work programs right for you?

Each employer determines its own eligibility requirements but, typically, if you have been on a career break for 2+ years, you are eligible for the Return to Work Program. To apply, visit the participating company’s Return to Work page (coming soon), upload your resume and complete the application. Each participating company manages their own program, from recruiting and onboarding to coaching and performance evaluation. Internships are typically 12-16 weeks, after which you may receive a job offer.

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